Avicii Invector VR

Position: Project manager at Hello There.

Ever since Avicii Invector was released, fans have been asking for VR. Over the years we tossed around some ideas but never really got rid of the motion sickness, until now.

My role in this project was to lead a team responsible for porting and adapting the game previously released on PC and consoles. Meta Quest 2 and its tetherless headset delivered both in usability as well as hardware. But in order to utilize this platform more effectively, we needed to convert the entire render pipeline as well as optimize the graphics a lot.

I made two trailers for this game, one teaser showing how the player avatar left the TV screen, flying into the oculus headset. The second trailer was more of a launch trailer in the form of a recap of all the work Hello There Games done in collaboration with Avicii, all the way back since 2013.

Available for Meta Quest 2


Beat Legend: Avicii

Position: Project manager at Hello There.

With all the hard work put into optimizing the console game Avicii Invector, an opportunity in the form of Atari presented itself as a mobile game pitch.

My role in this project was to lead a team of dedicated game developers pouring the heart and talent into the project. I was also responsible for the various trailers produced for the game launch. We knew from the start that the interaction needed to be different than its bigger sibling but at the same time being intuitive and challenging in a fun way.

With the relatively short time scope to launch we wanted to keep as much art assets as possible but instead of designing a new complete world like Invector, we broke up the environment into chunks that can be loaded in a designed sequence or in random depending on the song being played.

Available for iOS and Android



Invector – feat. Avicii

Position: Senior animator at Hello There.

A fully fledge console music experience featuring music from EDM star Avicii.

An incredibly beautiful game, like being in the crowd on a massive EDM set but in the comfort from your very own living room. I was charged with editing all the various trailers and teaser for this production as well as rigging and animating the avatar ship. I also worke on the cutscenes that act as a progression for the player as he or she unlocks new songs and worlds.

Available for PS4 https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/invector-ps4/

Avicii – Gravity

Position: Senior animator at Hello There.


I worked on this project during preproduction, animating a proof of concept showcasing some of the game features and tempo. The initial idea carried over to the final game, a TRON like world with a high speed vehicle.

The final product was developed for iOS. More information about the game can be found at this external site http://www.hellothere.se/blog/avicii-gravity-game-out-now/