Invector: Rhythm Galaxy

Position: Project manager at Hello There.

Invector is back with a new music catalogue, new worlds and a story about friendship. The new game sets sail on Steam at first with consoles to follow.

My role in this project was to lead the creative team to reiterate on a previous successful game concept but now full with new content. We wanted to bridge the two games together, give something to the original fans to recognize and feel familiar with but at the same time give new players a hint that there is a heritage that they can explore in the previous game. This bridge was done within the story where the conclusion linking the two games. Besides working with a new music catalogue we wanted to explore new environments to give the players new vistas to experience the music. A arid desert planet, a Atlantis inspired world and finally a dark misty canyon like planet were added to the universe.

Content vise I did some in-game animations, in-game cutscenes, the credits sequence and gameplay trailers that were used during launch.

This project was a blast to work on and I am humble to work along such a professional team.

Currently available on Steam PC

Avicii Invector VR

Position: Project manager at Hello There.

Ever since Avicii Invector was released, fans have been asking for VR. Over the years we tossed around some ideas but never really got rid of the motion sickness, until now.

My role in this project was to lead a team responsible for porting and adapting the game previously released on PC and consoles. Meta Quest 2 and its tetherless headset delivered both in usability as well as hardware. But in order to utilize this platform more effectively, we needed to convert the entire render pipeline as well as optimize the graphics a lot.

I made two trailers for this game, one teaser showing how the player avatar left the TV screen, flying into the oculus headset. The second trailer was more of a launch trailer in the form of a recap of all the work Hello There Games done in collaboration with Avicii, all the way back since 2013.

Available for Meta Quest 2

A day at the beach

Position: Project manager at Hello There.

This beauty has been cooking for some time. The first idea came from the lyrics video we did back in 2016, .

My role in this project was to lead the team, some from the original game and some new eager individuals on the path of delivering this hard-cooked action-packed retro game.

So much love, detail and devotion have been fused into this title. As usual, my creative contribution was the many trailers produced.

Available for Steam

Alan Walker – The Aviation Game

Position: Project manager at Hello There.

A collaboration between Hello There Games and the Norwegian EDM artist Alan Walker

My role in this project was project manager, overseeing the realisation of this game first conceived as a companion app for his music shows. But as the covid pandemic raged across the globe the app transformed into a game driving the release of his album and series of online short films in the middle of 2021

Aside from leading a group of extremely talented people I also created many trailers for the game up until and after its release.

Download the game for free for both iOS and Android