Taekwondo Grand Prix

Position: Project manager / Senior animator at Hello There.

This game has been slowly cooking for a couple of years. Trying to get a really good fighting experience on PC by drawing on the success and ideas for our Taekwondo World Tournament mobile game.

An all new art style, allot of new animations using motion capture as source. beautiful arenas and multiplayer seasons for the players to master.

This being an on and off project for a couple of years meant that the team has changed from time to time. So I’m the latest project manager standing on the shoulder of giants. Besides managing the team I also worked on all character related animations in this project. Rigging, animating by hand and cleaning motion capture data. The team has made an incredible job polishing this into a really awesome experience.

Action Trailer
Cinematic trailer

Availble for PC via Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/462590/Taekwondo_Grand_Prix/

She Wants Me Dead

Position: Senior animator at Hello There.

This is a music-rythm-platformer-game produced for the Swedish House duo Cazzette. As a player you need to make sure the Max (the owner) gets through each level of deadly traps laid out by Luna (the pet). My part in this production was to produce numerous trailers for all the major social networks.

More information about the game can be found at this external site http://www.hellothere.se/portfolio/she-wants-me-dead-get-it-meow/

Kung Fury – Street Rage

Position: Senior animator at Hello There.

This project is a true underdog story. Funded by a kickstarter campaign the film was released on may 28th 2015. A tribute to the 80s and its over the top action movies. Hello There got the contract to a retro looking arcade game to be released on every major platform. I worked on the arcade game creating animations and game art and it was a blast to see everything come together in the final product.


Another big task for me was to create the lyrics video featuring True Survivor sung by David Hasselhoff and the release trailer for the game. A fellow artist created a tool and custom artwork so I could direct and record most of the video from inside the game capturing the true essence of the game. On other more contemporary projects you might need to tone down certain effects in order to make the trailers more pleasant to the viewer. On this project however it was more like “Push it a little further, make it more VHS. Make it more 80s”. Always fun to be able to go bananas in the post production department…